miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015


Presentación: The Physical landscape of Spain


Here you have the presentation of the CLIC unit that I have done for INTEF. This unit has been done for student of secundary education, 3rd year exactly. This topic is from the subject of Geography. This topic will help us to teach the Peninsular relief, the Spanish rivers, types of climate the great variety of natural landscapes, the most important protected spaces.
The objectives will be mainly, identify the Spanish territories, recognise the principal relief formations and rivers. Learn about the differents climates in Spain and recognise the different natural landscape that exist in Spain.
The differents tasks that we will work during the lessons will be quitte varied, we will need 6 sessions.
We will use 6 sessions.

During the first lesson we will check the previous knowledge that the students have about the Spanish Relief and we will work the vocabulary: relief, river, climate, natural landscape, natural resource, peninsula, archipielago, plateau, depression, cliff.... Afterward we will check the Spain’s Relief map and we will do the activities that I have prepared (speaking, writing mainly). Those activities will versus about find out mountain ranges and the main peaks of thoses mountain ranges, we will work on their altitudes aswell. The second activity will be necessary to work in pairs and the students will use the speaking due to the fact that the students have to say the altitude of the mountains. In activity number three the students will have to find out the noum of differents adjetives regarding to the altitude...In activity number 4 they have to look at two photos and answer some questions about to differents relieves.

Spanish rivers (here you may check the map)

During the second session we will talk about rivers and lakes of Spain, especially we will check again the previous knowledge of the students about this subject. We will work some vocabulary: flow pattern, stream, torrent, crater, karstic. And we will work on the map about  Spanish rivers and we will do some activities. Activity 1, we should look at the map of Rivers of Spain and indicated which sea or ocean those rivers flow into. And in activity 2, the students will say which rivers the rivers given flow into, the rivers listed are tributaries.

In the third lesson we will use a map to know the protected spaces in Spain, it will be Spain's National Parks, we will use an interactive map (Spanish national parks interactive map) and the students will try to guess where are the Spanish National Parks situated. We will work some vocabulary aswell: measure, national park, deplete, settlement, sunshine, wind power. We will do some activities to know which Nationals Parks the students know and we will visit the symbaloo webmix where we can watch a video about Monfrague National Park in Extremadura.

After watching the video we will do some activities: the firstone it will be to work in the listening and reading, the students will read a text about the natural tourism in Spain then the language assistant or myself will read the text for them and they will answer some comprehensive questions about that. Next activity will be a speaking activity where the students will work in pairs and they will have to talk about their preferences using giving structures as: I prefer to....because.... I agree/ I don't agree....

For the fourth session we will do some activities that we can find in my blog:

Along the fifth session we will talk about the climate and vegetation of Spain we are plenty of vocabulary so we can use some interactive games to work out the vocabulary: inland, bush, prickly, laurisilva, scarce, mild, steppe, grassland.
The first activity is about a climate graph of Toledo:
They have to answer some questions about this graph: rainfall, temperature, type of climate...
They will work on listening as well, because they will have to fill a chart about the Spanish climate characteristics that we will read to them and they will fill the gaps.
And at last we will spend the sixth lesson doing revision activities, we can use some interactive maps in the symbaloo webmix “Relief of Spain”; as well as interactive games as the webquest about the Spanish climates :